Cookie Policy

The information we collect about visitors through the website is processed according to the purpose for which it was obtained. In order to provide quality services to our customers and assess the needs, improve the content of the website and its placement, in addition to the data provided by the user, information contained in the website access files (IP address, Internet service provider, time of visit, sections and goods).
Cookies are small text files that a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari) store on a web user's computer, tablet, or smartphone. In this way, websites can also save the web user's individual settings. Cookies usually contain information about the name of the website, how long it is stored on the device, and the unique number. Cookies can be seen as a way for a website to obtain information that allows it to identify the user and respond accordingly.
Our online store uses cookies, which provide a wider range of uses for the website and online store.
There are three main types of cookies:
1) Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on a user's computer, tablet or smartphone until the end of the session, leaving a website or closing a web browser, and are used to offer services that require verification on a specific website;
2) Persistent cookies are stored on a computer, tablet or smartphone for a period of time specified in the cookie parameters or until they are deleted by the user, and they are used to remember the settings selected by the user and personalize communication;
3) Third-party cookies allow you to obtain information about how websites are used and to provide users with advertising content that is optimally tailored to the interests of specific users.
Our online store partners - third parties - may use cookies to evaluate the effectiveness of online store ads and personalize ad content. The information that third-party advertisers may collect may include information such as geographic location or contact information, such as email address.
Cookies are used for the following purposes:
1) to adapt the online store to the wishes of users (Buyers);
2) to optimize the use of the online store;
3) for the purposes of advertising and marketing optimization, based on interest in certain benefits;
4) for compiling statistics on the number of visitors to the online store.
Cookies do not have to be enabled for the website to work, but cookies allow the website to be used more widely. It is possible not to use cookies in our online store by changing your browser settings or deleting cookies, but in some cases, some features may be restricted while browsing the online store.